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Affordable Vintage: 60’s Seiko Sportsmatic

It’s no mysterious that I’m an immense fanatic of vintage Seiko watches. Their advancement, immortal style and incomparable value for-your-money esteem make them a sure thing for me. Of all the Seikos I have had, there is one that stands apart over the others for me, being the primary vintage Seiko I procured. Incidentally, it’s one the easiest, and likely the most un-important (financially speaking…) in my assortment: The Seiko Sportsmatic 6601-8930 from November 1965.

Aside from the nostalgic benefit of being “the first”, there are numerous stylish characteristics to this piece that simply click for me. The case quantifies a decent 37mm wide, with the Seiko standard 19mm carries. A particularly amazing size, not very huge and not very small….juuuuust right. There is a minuscule ‘hidden’ recessed crown at four o’clock and a wide level bezel, with huge carries. The snap-on case back is gently engraved with the exemplary Seiko dolphin logo (which I love), meaning water opposition. Tragically, the lone imperfection is that the case is chromed metal rather than strong tempered steel. Luckily, my model has for all intents and purposes no wear to the chrome plating, yet so numerous other chrome covered cases have not endure the desolates of time and wrist sweat so well.

The silver dial has a lovely outspread brushed completion, and a marginally discouraged external track ring that loans some profundity to the general look. Raised chrome implement style markers and no date with chrome dauphine hands complete the very perfect look. Marked “Seiko Sportsmatic” with the cool Sportsmatic logo underneath the 12, and “Water 30 Proof, Diashock 19 Jewels” over the six. As far as I might be concerned, the single most prominent tasteful nature of this watch is its balance. The almost undetectable shrouded crown combined with the no-date dial give it a straightforward, clean balanced style that is elusive in a watch of any period or cost range.

The watch is fueled by a 19 gem programmed type 6601 development. The autowind system is too proficient attributable to Seikos shrewd “Magic Lever” which permits the rotor to wind the origin in the two ways. Numerous individuals don’t know this, however Seiko developments were made totally “in-house”, making Seiko a genuine horology produce. They made each and every component themselves, including the fountainhead and hairspring, just as the oil oils.

The Sportsmatic line appeared in 1963 with the Seiko “5 Sports” assignment. The “5 Sports” line was intended to furnish sensibly evaluated programmed sports watches with a day/date window and three bar water obstruction. The number “5” represented: Automatic, day/date, water obstruction, recessed crown @4, and solidness. I can just expect that my watch here comes up short on the “5 Sports” logo since it doesn’t have the day/date window.

There is a plenty of truly all around made and incredible watching Sportsmatics out there, with a wide assortment of styling contrasts. Best of all, these watches can be promptly found for under $100! Presently, this 6601-8930 is a special case as it is very scant compared to a portion of the other “5 Sports” Sportsmatics. All things considered, vintage Seiko Sportsmatics can be had at an entirely sensible cost, and are truly not difficult to source. Have a go at finding a 1960’s vintage Swiss brand with a completely in-house development for under $100!