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Affordable Vintage: 1970’s Longines Chronograph Diver

Imagine a scenario in which I disclosed to you that you could get a larger than usual bright chronograph from a praised marque with an amazing development and a super compressor case for under $3k. Unthinkable? Not with Longines’ chronograph diver.

Introduced in 1969 and created in the 70’s, this was Longines’ top game watch. It was accessible in three unique setups. Dark dial with white subdials at 3 and 9 and a dark subdial at 6, This variation is the principal execution and comes with a pivoting commencement bezel. They additionally made it with three white subdials on a dark dial with a turning inward bezel and a fixed bezel with a tachymeter scale for water skiing. Water skiing, you say? One of the Longines’ heads more likely than not been a fan.

The Super Compressor case was presented by E. Piqeurez SA (EPSA) in 1961. It was imagined as an improvement for the plunging watch. Rather than pivoting a bezel outwardly of the watch, which could get thumped about and distract your jump time, the Super Compressor put the bezel within, utilizing a crown to turn this inside bezel. The case back was made so that expanded pressing factor of profound plunging would really fix it. Super compressors are hot now, with the LeCoultre Polaris and Universal Polerouter Sub seeing sensational increases.

The development on these Longines chrono divers is the Valjoux 72. One of the fabulous old manual breeze segment wheel chronograph developments with a 3-6-9 subdial format, the Valjoux 72 was utilized on Rolex’s Daytona until the 80’s. At the end of the day, the costly ones accompanied a Valjoux 72.

These blessed details wouldn’t mean anything if the Longines wasn’t an excessively cool watch. Trust me, it is. The 43mm pad case is ergonomically styled for outrageous comfort on the wrist and highlights sunburst cleaning and a screw-down domed mineral gem. The dial and hands are stupendous, as you would expect on a Longines. The development is perfectly wrapped up. The crown for the pivoting bezel is pleasantly weighted, similar to a control on a top of the line stereo.

Prices for the Longines chrono diver range from $1500 for one with a cleaned case, up to $2500 for an all-unique model. Things to search for are the first sunburst clean, which is difficult to steadfastly reproduce and the domed screw down mineral glass to be in acceptable condition. On the off chance that the gem has little scratches, they can be removed from the glass by a lapidary, however profound gouges or chips will leave you searching for a piece of glass last created more than 40 years ago.

If you take a gander at present day Longines, they have really reissued this watch . It’s dedicated to the first, however Longines has put a modest piggyback ETA 2894-2 development in it. This is a chronograph module screwed onto a base ETA development. When it’s working, the moment counter hand on the chronograph crawls along at a sluggish speed, similar to a modest Seiko. At the point when it doesn’t, you toss the module out and get another one for $300. This gets to the core of the difficult I have with Longines today. Initially in a similar class as Omega and marginally better now and again, Swatch constructs and sells Longines as a lesser brand. They just don’t care about the subtleties. Cases and dials have the typical Swatch bunch superior grade, yet developments are carefully low-end. I might have cried when I saw the reissue of the 30’s Czech Pilot with a programmed development and date, yet that’s another story.

So go out and search for the first. The Valjoux 72 calls. You know with connections and watches, it’s what’s within that counts.