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A Visit to The Hour Glass’ Malmaison Boutique in Singapore

Singapore has a large group of attractions to bait business and recreation voyagers. Flaunting a populace that is essentially 100% watch devotees, the city-state can guarantee a store that takes extravagance living to the following level! 

Over the Chinese New Year’s vacation I was in Singapore with my family. ANY excursion to Singapore requires at any rate one hike to Orchard Road to search for my two indecencies, watches and wellspring pens. It was on that side trip that I ran over Malmaison. The façade and window show had enough to bait me in: a few top of the line brands of watches and an enormous sign implying that it was essential for the Hour Glass gathering of stores.

(For those of you who don’t have a clue about the Hour Glass, they are the top retailer of extravagance watches in Singapore, and have outlets all through Southeast Asia.)

Walking in you are welcomed by natural ‘faces’: Hublot, Panerai, IWC, Cartier, Alain Silberstein… and so on Yet, looking at the bizarre and resplendent stylistic layout of the passage lobby I got the articulated vibe that this was not simply a standard watch retailer and all things considered: Malmaison isn’t a watch shop. Malmaison heightens the extravagance retail insight with each and every detail.

The inside of the store is intended to bring out the wonder of it’s namesake; Chateau de Malmaison – the home of Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte. Utilized as their private retreat from the buzzing about of building a realm, Josephine and Napoleon went all out or exertion to make Malmaison an interestingly comfortable and lavish spot. Spread more than two lavish floors in the core of the shopping vector of Singapore, Malmaison (the store) tries to sell ‘costly’ things yet to sell refinement itself without respect for price!

Every detail in the store is authentic; from the matured sections of flooring to the seventeenth century clock to the wings on the birds and butterflies in the presentations – it’s all the genuine article. A significant number of the apparatuses and books are the property of the Tay family – things they’ve gathered throughout the long term. All that they offer in the store is the real thing as well. Offering a choice of men’s goods, shoes, aromas, candles and books Malmaison convey ONLY the absolute best and the best. For instance:

  • Malmaison convey scents – for men, for ladies and for the home. That said – they just convey Editions de Parfums: Frederic Malle! Malle made a line of aromas and fragrances related to the top noses in the business. Their manifestations are less similar to any ONE single aroma or fragrance and more like olfactory vignettes; they can summon and now and again even duplicate the fragrance of a spot or a season in incredibly point by point ways. More ‘the impression of walking into Notre Dame Cathedral.’ LESS like ‘new vehicle scent’!
  • There are candles in plain view all through the whole shop. The candles they offer are by Cire Trudon – the most established light creator on the planet, utilized by the cathedrals of Paris and positively the sort of thing you would have found in Josephine and Napoleon’s stockpiling closet!
  • Malmaison sell men’s shirts, yet just shirts from Charvet, Paris. Shirtmakers to Napoleon himself!
  • The shoes are by Pierre Corthay (hand crafted)! The ties are by Rubinacci! The books on craftsmanship, photography and engineering in the library are all Taschen. The furnishings and showcases inside the store are largely custom made!

… I figure you can see where I am going with this. In the event that you had a lifetime to explore each part of your life, picking just the quintessential things you would find that Malmaison convey decisively those items.

The higher up offers you significantly more space to unwind and enjoy the scenery! Utilized at times as a scene for engaging gatherings. The bird dim dividers and roof made to copy a highest level lookout window cause the subsequent level to appear to fan out altogether bearing. There is a piano on the off chance that you want to murmur out a tune and there are sofas in the event that you need to take a break and have some tea or coffee. Cautioning: The three huge, glass tubes in the Frederic Malle concession are NOT time-travel gadgets. They are dissemination tubes, intended to introduce a completely adjusted climate for you to test the fragrances! (That is the means by which truly they take it!)

Lest I fail to remember – there are watches as well! Furthermore, gracious my, are there watches! Being an outlet of the biggest watch retailer in Asia manages the cost of Malmaison the capacity to convey things you will not see much of the time. What’s more, regardless of whether you could see some of them, you will not at any point see them across the board place. Beside the assortment of watches in the passage corridor of the store (containing uniquely commissioned pieces by Hublot, Panerai, IWC… and so forth) there are three additional salons of watches.

The first is a Rolex store WITHIN the shop alongside a showcase of uncommon and vintage Rolex watches (Don’t inquire! They’re not available to be purchased!) Across the lobby, past the Griffin, is the Patek Philippe room – where they convey just complicated pieces.

Down the corridor, past the fossilized table is a room finished floor to roof in blue, softened cowhide velvet!

In this room you will discover elite pieces by bigger creators like Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Cartier, Richard Mille, DeBethune and Ulysse Nardin and a choice of haute horology show-stoppers from the top free houses. The impact of the lighting, the blue softened cowhide and being encircled by such countless staggering watches is really hypnotic!

But there is no skullduggery in the air. The expectation isn’t to fool you into purchasing something costly – the ideal impact is really to give you space to breathe to inspect all the pieces and select the one piece that will advance your life and collection.

Executive Director of the Hour Glass Group (a watch retailing domain, maybe) Michael Tay has made something uncommon with Malmaison. It is a shelter from the consistent interruption of low worth products masked by excessive costs and smooth promoting. It isn’t only a store that sells watches; it is a working, no nonsense gateway to where there is time.

Here’s a connect to the Hour Glass site and if you’re in Singapore… here’s the address:

  • Knights Bridge, #01-01, 270 Orchard Road, Singapore
  • Telephone +65 68848484
  • Open: Mon – Sat : 11.30 am to 8.30 pm – Sun & Public Holidays : 11.30 to 8.00 pm

To end this article, I might want to recommend these two posts by Raphael Too, showing many, numerous wonderful photographs of Mailmaison’s interior:  Visit audit section 1 and visit survey section 2 .

This article was composed by Mario Squillacioti, contributing essayist for Monochrome Watches .